We are often asked by our lovely guests what they can do with their diet to help them get their hair looking it’s best. As with your skin, your diet will impact your hair very quickly. A good diet rich in variety, with plenty of fresh, wholesome foods will do wonders for your hair. Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, fizzy drinks and smoking and ensure you drink plenty of water. Try to include the foods below and of course ensure you use salon quality hair care and styling products from the Aveda and Unite ranges, available at Courtyard Hair & Beauty.  These points are aimed as general advice.  We recommend consulting your doctor before a radical diet change.

1. Eggs: Eggs are packed with vitamins A, D and E that are necessary for youthful shiny hair.

2. Spinach: Green vegetables can massively boost hair growth. Vitamin C and iron present in spinach can refresh your scalp. Green leafy vegetables and the chlorophyll within such as broccoli and rocket will also benefit your hair, scalp.

3. Lentils: Believe it or not! These tiny beans can be the solution for your dry scalp. Being rich in folic acids, lentils provide ideal levels of oxygen to your scalp if you eat three to four times per week.

4. Carrots: Who said carrots are only good for your sight? Not only do carrots prevent hair breakage but also they help hinder hair loss.

5. Seafood: This can be called hair food! Salmon, oyster and shrimps are the keys for a sleek healthy hair. Rich in zinc, fatty acids, vitamins B and iron, those elements can slow hair loss help your hair be strong enough to avoid split ends. Eat fish or seafood at least once per week.

6. Whole Grains: Give you hair a boost with whole grains. Oats, brown bread and brown rice are great sources of biotin that are considered perfect hair minerals. For bouncing hair, try to indulge whole grains in your daily diet. It provides your hair with zinc, vitamin B and iron.

7. Nuts: Do you want to beat frizz and dull hair? Cashews, walnuts and almonds are your weapon! Essential fatty acids contained in nuts are perfect hair nutrition. Watch out for allergies though!

8. Avocados: excellent source of healthy fats essential for good skin, vision, hair and scalp.